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Rabbi's Local Favorites - Lunch



DENTON - Bul-go-gi House  * B+ *

(408 North Texas Rd.)


Good Korean food in virtually no atmosphere. A true hole-in-the-wall. The Bul-go-gi is savory and delicious. Kimchi and spicy vegetables have kick but won't overwhelm Western tastebuds.



DENTON - Denton Independent Hamburger Café * A- *

(Hickory on the Square, Denton)


A  true hamburger dive. Not a place to take a fancy client, but good barbeque-style hamburgers and outstanding french fries. Recycled Books is across the way, making an ideal lunch break.



DENTON - Gobi Mongolian Barbeque  * A *

(Teasley Rd. Denton)


This tasty locally-owned design-it-yourself barbeque is what Gheghis Grill

aught to be. Fresh ingredients, good variety, reasonably priced. A great

place for the adventurous, the experimental, and those who want to design

their ownhigh -protein, lo-carb meal.



DENTON - Jasmine II Grill and Hookah Lounge * A *

(Sunset Rd. Denton)


Best Middle Eastern Food in Denton County. Top-notch falafel, good baba

genoujh. Only flaw, the pita is just meh. Still, and excellent place to take

your superhero team for shwarma after a hard day of fighting

extra-terrestial armies.



FLOWER MOUND - Empress of China * B+ *

(Corner of FM 407 and Browning)


For upscale Chinese dining, Empress of China is my first choice. Contemporay atmosphere and some innovative dishes along side the traditional Chinese-American fare make it a very nice eating experience.



LEWISVILLE - Carmine's Pizza * A- *

(Strip Mall, Garden Ridge and W. Main)


A satellite of the Dallas restaurant, it offers the best New York style pizza I've found since the closing of New York Pizza/Bagel. Sold by the slice, nice, crisp thin crust and little puddles of cheesy grease, just like it's supposed to have.



LEWISVILLE - Kokilas * B+ *

(3040 and MacArthur)


At last, Indian food on the I-35 corridor! Some recipes are wonderfully mild, others are so savagely hot you'll hallucinate that you're in the Punjab. But come for the excellent lunch buffet. Dinner service tends to be slow.



LEWISVILLE - Old Town Market * A *

(301 Mill St., Lewisville)


Technically not a restaurant at all, come for brisket at lunch, it's the best I've found in the area. If you call in the morning you can have some waiting to take home.



ROANOKE - Twisted Root Hamburger * A- *

(101 S. Oak, Roanoke)


Upscale burger grill with amazing, creamy shakes and fresh-tasting 1/2 lb. hamburgers. Onion strings are a tad too salty, but so superior to the thick onion-belts sold everywhere else, it seems a bit petty to mention it. I'd skip the specialty meat burgers - too little payoff for twice the price.

Rabbi's Local Favorites - Lunch Choices Near Denton County

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1887 Timber Creek Rd.

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