Vigil During Shabbat Services – 11/2/2018

Friday night will be a special Shabbat at Kol Ami.  Not only will we be celebrating a Bat Mitzvah, but our local community is gathering after the tragedy in Pittsburgh to show their support for us.  

Our fellow community members will be assembling in our parking lot and around the building while we hold services in a show of support for us.  Since we have a Bat Mitzvah that evening, we’ve asked the people not attending the service to park across the street at Timber Creek Elementary.  Congregants and visitors attending the service should park in our lot as normal.

Thanks to everyone! We look forward to Shabbat this Friday and the shared fellowship with our community at large.

2 Replies to “Vigil During Shabbat Services – 11/2/2018”

  1. Jim Greenberg

    Remember that these people are always among us.
    We went to services last night. When we got close to the synagogue, we noticed a very large crowd out front all around the entrance to the parking lot.
    If we had not already known what it was, it might have worried us from two blocks away.
    From throughout the community, there were people there to let us know, by their action of being there as we arrived, that we are safe, we are welcome and we have a right to be there.
    This event did not make the news because news is about the exceptions, for those times when rare individuals behave badly. This was a reminder that people are much more often behaving at their best, and they are all around us.
    There were Muslims, as well as Christians in the crowd out there. Thank you to all.
    Jim Greenberg

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