Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort through URJ

Updates from URJ:

(via Michael Ross)

Temple Israel in Houston has 4 ft of water in sanctuary, but social hall is OK; Emanuel has a little water; congregation in Corpus is OK but members who had homes to the north (Rockport, etc) have suffered much damage.  I’ve got info from one of the two temples in north Houston – it has some minor water damage and some members have been flooded out.

Greene camp is rapidly gearing up to accept folks,

Temple Israel in Houston will open the social hall hopefully starting tomorrow for a kids day camp serving 3 meals to kids daily while parents struggle with recovery.  Volunteers are needed in kitchen and as counselors, etc

Several places are talking about sending “stuff,” but the congregations in Houston say don’t send “stuff” yet.  Things like diapers / wipes / clothing can go to the Federation in San Antonio or Austin for sorting and distribution.  First truck load of cleaning supplies is leaving later today from Austin.  The Houston temples don’t have staff or room to do sorting.

If people want to help, options include:

  • Send gift cards to major retail outlets like Target / HEB / Kroger / home depot / etc
  • Send donation to Greene family camp (check their web site)
  • The Ft Worth / Tarrant county Federation has a Harvey specific donation page, as does Union for Reform Judaism.

There are still a few congregations that we’re waiting to hear from and assess; I’m also trying to get some info on Beaumont.  Will pass on info as I get updates.

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