Thank You to our Community!

We must extend our thanks to everyone in our local community that joined us this Shabbat in a show of solidarity and support.  People of every color, faith, and walk of life showed us that love is truly greater than hate.    

Together, We Stand for One Another

Community members came en masse carrying messages of love, standing at our drive to show they were with us, and letting us know that they cared for our little shul.   No differences, just a community joined together in support of one another.  

Together, We Stand for One Another

We were fortunate enough to have many of them join us for Shabbat services.   Many even stayed for the oneg and literally broke bread with us.  It is an evening that none of us will ever forget.

After a week of such terrible tragedy, there are no words for how deeply you touched us or what it meant to our Jewish community.  We can never repay your kindness.  We can however try to support and give back to our community like we received today.  

Thank you again!  Shabbat Shalom!

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