Calendar Rebuild

Unfortunately, our calendar decided to have a digital “hiccup” today and had to be rebuilt completely.  We believe we have everything captured and back in place.  We still need some of the more detailed text to be put in place, but all of the general appointments should be out there now.   If you do find anything missing or any errors, please let us know.  We’ll get it corrected as quickly as possible.

As a result, the Weekly Blast is behind this week, too.  It will go out tomorrow, Thursday, November 29th.

In the “making lemons into lemonade” category, we took advantage of this crash in order to setup a Google Calendar backup in case we have issues in the future.  That means you can also subscribe to the calendar and get automatic updates if you would like.  Use this link to subscribe:  

If you need help subscribing, you can call Bob in the office or simply search for “Subscribing to an .ics calendar” on Google and look for your particular computer/mobile device type.

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