Setup Your Member Portal Account

Are you a member without access to our online Member Portal?  If so, now is the time to get an account.  

Having access to our Member Portal lets you:
   1. See the shul’s calendar* and convert Hebrew calendar dates.
   2. View your account balance and make payments.
   3. Review your family profile:
        a. Members
        b. Account Information
        c. Yahrzeits 
   4. Download a Statement
   5. Download Donor Receipts
   6. Make a Payment

Rakefet is adding new functionality and abilities all of the time.  For instance, we hope to have the ability for you to edit your own profile and yahrzeit dates soon.  Multiple family member can request access as well.  Please just submit a separate access request for each person.

You can use this link to request access now.

*Please note:  The calendar does not include Religious School or Oneg Calendars.  You would have to consult the primary website for that information.

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