Shabbat Service – April 30, 2021 – 19 Iyar 5781

Nature doesn’t ask your permission; it doesn’t care about your wishes, or whether you like its laws or not. You’re obliged to accept it as it is, and consequently all its results as well.” – Dostoevsky

Shabbat Shalom, Moadim l’simcha!

Unfortunately, in keeping with “the year that wasn’t” (now in its second year), the weather is going to thwart our outdoor plans for celebrating Lag B’Omer. Since thunderstorms are most likely to continue in the evening and have already created a muddy mess around the shul, we are limiting our celebrations to an INDOOR concert from 7-8PM. 

Reinforcing this hard decision, we also have to acknowledge the tragedy that overtook the exuberant honoring of Lag B’Omer in Israel, which killed and injured hundreds of celebrants just a few time zones ahead of us.

We ARE honoring both Shabbat and Lag B’Omer tonight, but not as we had hoped.

Please do join us as Lindsy Lev, Morgan Ducar, and Tanya Dittberner lead us at tonight’s event. 

Since it appears out make-up day for the Color War – Sunday, May 2nd – is also going to be a rain day, we will reschedule and setup a special event for this summer to hold the Color War. (This gives you time to strategically plan how you’ll bring your team the big win!) We are looking forward to the rescheduled event and will send you the details as soon as we have them.

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