Shabbat Service – October 1, 2021

26 Tishrei 5782

Shabbat shalom!

Our service begins at 7:30 tonight. Our Davar: Holy Chronogram! What Genesis 2:19 Tells Us We Should Be Doing in 5782!

Our soloist for this evening is Dr. Nicki Cohen.

ALERT #1 – Since no one is available to cover it, we will not be streaming our service tonight.

ALERT #2 – No Torah ‘n’ Tefilah on Saturday this week. We are guest-hosting a Bar MItzvah service for Congregation Adat Chaverim; they currently lack a facility. The service begins at 10:30AM and will be conducted by the Rabbi’s colleague, Rabbi Ben Sternman. He will be there; from the Rabbi: “We can hang out in the back rows and be disruptive together.” 😂

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