CKA Changes Due to COVID-19

Latest Updates in Red. Last Update: 7/8/2020 – 2:10 PM

COVID-19 Response

Per the latest updates from the governor on July 3, 2020, we request that you wear a mask anytime you are in the facilities.

Friday, May 1st, marked the beginning of Gov. Abbott’s plan to reopen Texas.  What does that mean for CKA in the near future? Right now it means small changes in two-week increments so that Rabbi, Paul, and I can continue to assess how to safely bring everyone back together as soon as possible.  

Friday Night Shabbat Services:  
Limited to in-person minyan and Zoom/Youtube service

Saturday Torah ‘n’ Tefilah Services
Beginning May 30, Torah ‘n’ Tefilah services will resume at the synagogue every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. The group will maintain social distance and follow the suggested safety protocols. This *will not* be a streamed service. Since the group is small generally, we believe we can meet all of the requirements for a safe session here at CKA.

For those that may attend any in-person CKA event in the near future, you need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing guidelines.  We will also arrange the sanctuary to enforce distancing standards per the Texas task force’s recommendation.  We will continue to monitor Texas’ Covid-19 guidelines and implement additional measures as necessary.

We want to see each and every one of you in person but are taking this path in an abundance of caution. We appreciate your patience with us as the world slowly rights itself in this time of crisis.

CKA Rituals and Activities:

  • Friday night services live-streamed – Visit the Live Stream Page using this link for more information.
    • The service will use an in-person minyan including the Rabbi and cantorial soloist. If you would like to be part of the in-person minyan, please use the sign-up link on our website ( ). We need 8 participants to sign-up each week.
    • Oneg is cancelled currently.
  • Saturday morning services resumed with social distancing on May 30.
  • CKA Office
    • The office is open and operating at normal hours.
  • Book Club, Adult Hebrew, and any other group meetings which normally take place at CKA are beginning again. For now, they will remain as streaming events. Please watch the website for further details as things progress and change.
  • Check the Live Stream Page for several virtual services/activties including:
    • Friday Night Services
    • CKA Book Club
    • Adult Hebrew
    • Various Special events most weeks – both live and recorded

Most importantly, CKA is still here for you.  If during the duration of the crisis you need assistance, a sympathetic ear, or some volunteer aid, please contact Bob at 972-539-1938 or  He will alert Rabbi and/or the appropriate officer to get you what you need.

It is our hope that CKA life will be back to normal as soon as possible.  As Rabbi recently told me, “If there is anything Jewish wisdom has addressed as much as anti-Semites trying to kill us, it is illness and plague. We’ve made it through 3000 years of them, we got this.” 

Rebecca Lennard, Board President
Paul Dietz, Executive Vice-President
Rabbi Geoff Dennis