Fall Camp at GFC

Fall Camp @ GFC open to 2nd – 12th graders!

GFC Fall Camp

Send all of your campers to GFC for a weekend of camp fun, and special programming.

Our most popular weekend returns combining Fall Camp Retreat (2nd-5th Graders), Fall Fest (6th-8th graders), and NFTY-TOR’s Na’aseh v’Nishmah and March on Austin trips (9th-12th graders). 

Teens can also sign up for a social justice track, where they can participate in offsite trips and learn about issues they truly care about.

This is also a great opportunity for children to try out camp for the first time, or reunite with old camp friends!

COST: $155 before Oct. 17, $180, $45 for optional round trip bus.

For more information and/or registration click here.

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