Correct a Yahrzeit

Yahrzeit Candle

Have we made a mistake on one of your yahrzeits? We want to know so we can get it fixed for you as soon as possible. Please use the form below. Other than the first three fields, you only need to fill out the field(s) that need to be corrected. Please provide us with the updated info in those field(s).

If you would like to check all your yahrzeit entries, you can do so using the Member Portal. If you haven’t requested access to the Member Portal yet, you can do so using this link. (Please Note: You must request access first in order to setup your login.)

Please use one of the names associated with your membership.
Please specify the relationship of the deceased to your and/or your family member(s).
Be sure to check and update this if necessary whenever you are correcting the date of death.
Please specify which calendar you would like to use for observance and notifications.