Stop the Bleed Kits


Did you attend the Stop the Bleed class and want to get your own bleeding control kit? Or is this something you’ve done before but haven’t added a kit yet? Time to upgrade what you’ve already have? Here’s a list of a few options that may fit your needs.

Please Note: You can get similar kits at other outlets. We chose North American Rescue for this page because they are a respected vendor with quality products and they partner with the Secure Community Network (which supports us) to provide kits. Some of the profits go to support purchase of the kits for those that need them but can’t afford them.

Kits Supporting the Secure Community Network

All the kits include a combat application tourniquet (CAT), an Emergency Trauma Dressing (similar to the “Israeli bandage” we used in training), and nitrile gloves.

Secure Community Network Individual Bleeding Control Kit – Vacuum Sealed
This kit does comes in vacuum sealed packaging and does not include chest seals or hemostatic gauze. It also has a marker, survival blanket, and trauma scissors.

Secure Community Network Individual Bleeding Control Kit – Nylon
Same as above but with nylon carrying case

Secure Community Network Mini First Aid Kit – Basic
This kit does include a chest seal (twin pack) but does not include the scissors, survival blanket, or marker.

Secure Community Network Mini First Aid Kit – Basic with Bleeding Control Dressing
As the name suggests, this is the Mini First Aid Kit – Basic plus one Quik Clot bleeding control dressing.

Kits at North American Rescue Main Site

If you want a kit that has everything that is practiced in the Stop the Bleed course, the following would be our recommended option. Please Note: This kit does not support the Secure Community Network. (Unfortunately, it was the only option we could find that had everything we covered in the class.)

Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit – Nylon
Under Level (above the Quantity choice) select Advanced or Advanced BCD to get the best match. (They are the same except for different hemostatic bandages.)

Israeli Bandages

We recommend using Amazon as your source for Israeli Bandages. They have lots of options available in 4″ to 8″ as well as single and multiple bandage packages. Please just choose the configuration that works best for your needs.

Israeli Bandages on Amazon

General First Aid Kits

There are many good options for general use first aid kits out there. Once again, Amazon can be a great source. We’ve included a link below for them. We’ve also included links to a couple of websites that specialize in first aid supplies. The latter are great when you just need to refill items in your existing kit(s). Please Note: Congregation Kol Ami is not endorsing or recommending any of these vendors specifically. We are simply listing some of the known options to help you in your search for putting together an appropriate kit.

First Aid Kits on Amazon
First Aid Product
First Aid Supplies Online
E-first Aid Supplies