Adult Hebrew Class

Adult Hebrew Class

Ready to take the first step to make sense of all those funny letters on the page? Maybe you really don’t remember the Hebrew you learned when young. Maybe you’re a convert and want to add this to your journey. Or maybe you want to know what you’re really suppose to be saying when reciting those prayers you learned by rote. Whatever the reason, please join the class. 

Registration for our current session has closed. However, if you are still interested, you can sign up below. Once it is scheduled, we will send you notification for the next session.

The instructor is Mollie Marks. You are responsible to provide you own book for this class. Our book will be L’Shon ha-Kodesh published by Torah Aura Production. You can use this link to purchase it ahead of time.

Please use the form below to sign up to be notified of the next class.

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