Issues with the Weekly Email Blast

We are aware that people have been experiencing issues receiving the weekly Blast the last few months. The emails are suddenly being diverted to Junk/Spam folders. This is a lengthy post, but please read it in its entirety. It contains what we hope will be valuable information for you.

As we continue to work to ensure we have resolved the issue, there is one important step to take. Please make sure to mark the mail as “Not Junk” or “Not Spam” in your mail program. If it offers a Safe Senders list, please be sure to add to that list.

If after those steps it is still routed to your junk mail, you can find an archive of the last 20 campaigns here. It is updated automatically each Wednesday when the newsletter is sent out.

The problem originated when some nefarious character managed to use our domain to send out real spam messages. Once that happened the major email managers (i.e. gmail and yahoo) marked *all* mail sent from an outside source with the domain as spam. That means unless we send that email directly from our servers that require full login, the email falls into that category.

We use an application called MailChimp to manage the Weekly Email Blast. The mail list manager does not have full credentials and sends from an outside server. Thus, the major email managers are marking it as spam. Unfortunately, it is much easier to get on that list than it is to resolve the issue afterward.

We have been working actively with our hosting company to try and fix the issue permanently. Although it may not feel like it yet, we have made some progress. With continued persistence, we’re sure the problem can be ultimately resolved. Please bear with us. (If you want to talk “nerd” about it, feel free to call Bob in the office. He can talk about it endlessly. 😝

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