Aleph(bet) Isn’t Tough – Adult Hebrew Class

Hay! Gimel all Your Loving, all Your Hugs and Kafim, too!

Adult Hebrew

After a couple of year hiatus, CKA is once again offering elementary Hebrew.

The Hebrew Aleph(bet) Isn’t Tough.  It may look complex, but there is magic in Hebrew.  If you want to get a start on reading our ancient language, this is an good place to start.  The course, Aleph(bet) Isn’t Tough, will start March 17 and run for twelve classes giving consideration for holidays.  You’ll learn letters, vowels, word structure, and meanings. Might even throw in a little bit of Gematria or Kabbalah here and there.  Contact Mollie Marks at if you have questions. 

When: 7:15PM on Tuesdays (The start time can be adjusted to participant needs.)
Starting:  March 17th
Where: Congregation Kol Ami
Who: Mollie Marks, Instructor
What: You’ll learn letters, vowels, word structure, and meanings 
Cost:  $25 for the Aleph(bet) Isn't Tough book and any needed materials

Interested in joining? Please use this link or contact Bob in the office to let him know to sign you up.

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