CKA Changes Due to COVID-19

To our CKA friends and family,

The physical and spiritual health and well-being of our community is our major focus.  We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be feeling due to the current health crisis.  The Executive Board, in coordination with Rabbi, is working hard to be responsive to your needs as the situation evolves.  

We are trying to follow the CDC guidelines to protect our community while doing our best to fulfill our Jewish obligation to protect life, pekuakh nefesh, yet remain open and sustain Jewish spriritual life lo bittul ha-Torah.  

In balancing those two principles, we have formulated the following plan. 

CKA Rituals and Activities through April 4th:

  • Friday night services live-streamed – with specific details to follow later this week
    • In-person attendance to be limited to 10 individuals in order to have the required minyan
    • Sign-up link on our website ( ) is in process to facilitate minyan on a first come, first serve basis
      • Members with yahrzeits wishing to attend to recite Kaddish will be given advance notice in order to prioritize their needs
    • Deb Kaufman will contact schedule Oneg families to communicate changes
  • Saturday morning services
    • Continue with the same attendance limitation but no live-stream
  • Religious School 
    • Decision to be made Thursday, March 19th based on how local ISDs choose to move forward with their school year
  • Community Seder currently postponed
    • There is a Biblical tradition of Pesach Sheni, performing Pesach a month later, if impurity prevents you from doing at the correct time! 
    • We will see if there is interest in a community Pesach Sheni in May.
  • Book Club, Adult Hebrew, and any other group meetings which normally take place at CKA are postponed 
  • March 26th CKA Board Meeting to be held via conference call
  • Sisterhood’s Dinner on the Town for March 31 is cancelled

Most importantly, CKA is still here for you.  If during the duration of the crisis you need material assistance, a sympathetic ear, or some volunteer aid, please contact Bob at 972-539-1938 or  He will alert Rabbi and/or the appropriate officer to get you what you need.

It is our hope that CKA life will be back to normal as soon as possible.  As Rabbi recently told me, “If there is anything Jewish wisdom has addressed as much as anti-Semites trying to kill us, it is illness and plague. We’ve made it through 3000 years of them, we got this.” 

Rebecca Lennard, Board President
Paul Dietz, Executive Vice-President
Rabbi Geoff Dennis

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