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While Congregation Kol Ami is very pleased with the current state of our security setup, there are always improvements for us to pursue. Especially in the current environment, we want to be sure we have as much in place to make sure we prepared for any kind of security issue. Unfortunately, as is often the case with small organizations, we are in need of additional funds to expand our current program.


This is where we need you! There are funds available for organizations through the federal government for security improvements. However, this means we have to navigate the grant process. Currently, we do not have anyone with experience or the know how to pursue this. Harold Harris has volunteered to be a grant committee lead for this effort, but he needs team members to help work through this involved process.

The great news is a partner to the Jewish community, the Secure Community Network, is providing training and examples of the entire grant writing process. This is in preparation for the 2023/24 grant process. The first couple of meetings have gone by, but the ones with the real instruction start on December 7th of this year. (I’ve included the entire schedule below.)

If you can help us out, please click here to submit your information to Harold no later than November 30, 2023 since the time before the next webinar is so short. He will help to organize the effort and make sure you are signed up to attend all of the upcoming sessions. As an example, if we can achieve the goal this year, we hope to increase our security coverage at all events including Friday night services.

We really hope a few of you can help with this effort so our little shul can continue to apply improvements to our security that we can’t fund currently.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Ducar
Congregation Kol Ami Board President

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