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She Supply

In April, we are supporting a community wide collection event for She Supply, a local nonprofit committed to helping end period poverty in North Texas.

There are more than 150,000 female-led households in DFW living in poverty who struggle to afford both food and feminine protection. As a result, there are women who have to miss a week of work every month. Girls who have to miss school. Families who have to miss worship.

To help change that, She Supply collects period products and distributes them through 20 partners across the Metroplex. They have invited places of worship and local civic groups to join them in a community-wide collection event in April and we happily agreed to participate.

To support the She Supply collection event, please bring full boxes/packages of tampons and/or pads beginning this week and drop them in the collection box. Any brands, sizes, and quantities are welcome.

If you would like to make a financial donation to help support the event, you can click the QR code on the front of the collection box, or simply CLICK HERE.

Thank you for participating!
Tikkun Olam

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